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  • Generated over $1B in sales pipeline for our clients over the last two decades
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Our Story

TechPRO leverages its several long-time trusted brands, proprietary technology, and expansive data to deliver valuable sales leads to clients at significantly lower costs than other channels.

We help technology leaders and marketers drive growth and scale revenues through AI-backed demand generation.

We have run thousands of successful lead generation campaigns for our top global brand clients.

Our Solutions

We deliver results that empower our clients' sales to grow and their businesses to scale.

  • Content Syndication

    You invested heavily into Content Strategy and Marketing like White Papers and video content. Have you thought about how you will get that valuable content in front of the right potential customers? Enter Content Syndication.

    TechPRO can syndicate your content on our network of specialized B2B and Tech oriented sites. Users must register with their contact information to access the content and TechPRO will only send you the registrants (or leads) that match your criteria. We can pass the leads directly to your CRM and Lead Nurturing system.

  • ABM Lists Targeting

    It involves curating specialized lists that pinpoint high-value accounts aligned with your objectives. TechPRO can help you generate leads only from these high-value accounts.

  • Webinar Promotions

    Webinar Promotions form a vital component of your outreach strategy. Syndicate your webinar on our network and let us help generate awareness and drive participation among our audience.

  • HQL Leads

    Let TechPRO help you identify the best prospects for your products and solutions. We can provide leads that have a clear Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe to purchase or act on a solution.

  • Intent-Based Data

    By meticulously analyzing user interactions, search patterns, and engagement metrics, we glean valuable insights into the intent behind our visitors' action. We can add in this advanced level of targeting to improve the quality of the lead.

    Reach in-market buyers with your content using our AI-powered intent targeting at the exact moment when they’re researching your solutions.

    Data and intent driven demand generation solutions. Identify businesses and professionals who are most likely to engage with your content based upon their previous actions.

Targeting Options


  • Geo
  • Company Size
  • Job Level
  • Industry
  • ABM
  • Target Accounts
  • Intent
  • Installed Tech

Add-On Enhancements:

  • In-Market
  • Nurture
  • Call Notes
  • Double-Touch
  • BANT Qualifications

Our Brands

  • BisinessTech
  • TechproHub
  • Marketing TechWire
  • HR tech digest
  • Data TechInsights
  • TechSecurityDaily
  • Financial Tech Digest
  • Tech Research Library
  • CXTechDigest

Our Clients

  • aws
  • Oracle
  • Ibm
  • sap
  • vmware
  • intel
  • verizon
  • okta
  • netapp
  • riverbed
  • box
  • mcafee
  • autodesk
  • citrix
  • servicenow
  • cornerstone

Meet Our Team

  • Chris Mak
    Chris MakManaging Partner
  • Dan Yada
    Dan YadaManaging Partner
  • Sam Martin
    Sam MartinSenior Sales Manager
  • Usha Radhakrishnan
    Usha RadhakrishnanHead of Data Analytics & QA

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